Browns and the offensive line.

Now that the NFL and College football has come to an end it’s time for the Browns GM John Dorsey and his staff to work on free agency. First order of business will be the players from the Browns roster during 2018 season.
Dorsey should start with one of the most critical position groups the offensive line.

On Tuesday Mary K Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer during an interview on 92.3, The fan made a profound statement. She suggested that the Browns organization was eager to see offensive lineman Austin Corbett pick 33 of the 2018 NFL draft get playing time. Cabot’s proposal indicated that the Browns would trade left guard Kevin Zeitler before June so Corbett could take his place. That would then save the Browns 10 million in cap space for 2019. Continue reading “Browns and the offensive line.”

Browns coaching re/search 2019 Part 4

Nothing about finding a different head coach for the Cleveland Browns in 2019 will be easy for GM John Dorsey. Losses are mounting for teams around the NFL and the list of potential teams entering the market keeps increasing. Let’s take a look at the many teams that could be competing against the Browns.

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Browns and Bruce Arians may be the right choice

Cleveland Browns General Manager John Dorsey was the first GM in the NFL to get an early start on the head coach search following the week 8 release of former coach Hue Jackson. It wasn’t long before other teams started the process early as well. From numerous assistants to former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy, there’s no shortage of candidates for teams looking to replace coaching staffs this year.

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Browns and #33 Phillip Gaines (Who?)

The Cleveland Browns have suffered a plague of injuries at the defensive back position, causing GM John Dorsey to work overtime trying to keep up.  Most in the industry would refer to this as searching through the scrap heap to simply find anyone that can fill the rotation role the Browns need to finish the year. One of the players added by Dorsey in November was cornerback Phillip Gaines of Rice University. On Sunday against the Houston Texans, Gaines was given his first chance at real playing time. Before I get into the game, let us take a look at Phillip Gaines the player.

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Browns and Freddie (Iron Man) Kitchens

Freddie Kitchens is a father, coach, and a real-life Iron Man. Coach Kitchens, the Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator: could he be the one for the future? Like the Marvel movie Iron Man, Tony Stark needed the help of a mechanical device to protect his heart. After suffering from an ascending aorta coach Kitchens was given a mechanical valve to keep his heart protected. There are other similarities, too.

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Browns and Pete (Ninja) Carmichael Jr.

In my next assessment of the next potential head coach of the Cleveland Browns, we turn our attention to Pete Carmichael Jr. Pete is the offensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints and right-hand man of head coach Sean Payton. On October 28th, 2018 I was the first to put coach Carmichael’s name out after receiving information from a trusted friend. Since then, his name is starting to come up even more for others affiliated with the Browns. Coach Carmichael is not well known to most, as he works in the shadows like a ninja to design a prolific offense around quarterback Drew Brees.

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