Browns and the offensive line.

Now that the NFL and College football has come to an end it’s time for the Browns GM John Dorsey and his staff to work on free agency. First order of business will be the players from the Browns roster during 2018 season.
Dorsey should start with one of the most critical position groups the offensive line.

On Tuesday Mary K Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer during an interview on 92.3, The fan made a profound statement. She suggested that the Browns organization was eager to see offensive lineman Austin Corbett pick 33 of the 2018 NFL draft get playing time. Cabot’s proposal indicated that the Browns would trade left guard Kevin Zeitler before June so Corbett could take his place. That would then save the Browns 10 million in cap space for 2019. Continue reading “Browns and the offensive line.”

Browns and Josh McDaniels the joker

It’s that time of the year when everyone in the NFL, media will name another assistant coach from the Bill Belichick tree as the next up and coming. This year it’s failed head coach and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. It wasn’t long before coach McDaniels name was listed as in play by MMQB writer Albert Breer as a top candidate for the Browns.

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Browns coaching re/search 2019 Part 3

Over the last two days, John Dorsey laid out the plan for hiring a new head coach. Dorsey started off confirming what I posted in part one of my head coaching series as to the make-up of the search team. While making a point that age or NFL experience would not play into the decision he did, however, list three items that would.
1st. High football acumen
2nd. Can lead young men
3rd. A man of character

Like always having a persona of winning will also play into this search. While I continue to read and research to stay on top of the possible candidates here is the updated list.

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Browns coaching re/search 2019 Part 2

It was posted today that the Browns ownership will turn over the head coach search to GM John Dorsey. As I understand it’s not the entire story, Dorsey will put together a team from the existing upper management and the group will conduct the search together.

While I do not know how many members will make up this group, I believe GM John Dorsey, Executive Vice President JW Johnson, and Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta will be the three main members.

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Chiefs vs Browns Week 9 match-up

The Game: A dark cloud of dysfunction has been lifted from the Browns this week with the release of Hue Jackson. While nothing about this game will come easy it’s also not out of reach. The Browns will only need to look too week 4 game between the Broncos and Chiefs. A close 27 to 23 victory for the Chiefs could be the blueprint for a win Sunday. With a record of 2-5-1, this team can finally play with no pressure.

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Browns coaching re/search 2019

This is going to be a long process that’s currently in the beginning stages. So everything I’m reporting on right now could have a short shelf life as the season moves forward. I will start with the current staff and then each coach I feel could be in play or not.

Overall Plan: As I understand right now GM John Dorsey is leaning more to the college coach while owner Jimmy Haslam more to someone with NFL experience. What is best for Baker Mayfield is the most important aspect of this search. No matter what direction they go the plan is to retain coach Williams as the 2019 Defensive coordinator. Dysfunction is the keyword and any coach they believe has an ego or wouldn’t be a team player will not get a second look. Continue reading “Browns coaching re/search 2019”