The crazy week ahead for the Browns

The week ahead will be a busy turn around for not only the Browns, but also the fan base. After starving for football coming off a devastating lost to the Steelers this will help as we finally have real hope. Each year we look to the promise of a better year than last, only to know in the back of our minds that it doesn’t look good. But this year is different, (no really) and it’s Continue reading “The crazy week ahead for the Browns”

Tyrod Taylor vs Baker Mayfield after 3 days of training camp The road is paved with good intentions

In my never ending quest to understand the NFL world on Monday Aditi Kinkhabwala from the NFL network ( who has also worked closely with the Browns )

posted on Twitter in a reply that first pick overall Baker Mayfield would not be given a chance by coach Hue Jackson to win the starting job in camp. Yes to my utter shock I replied with a question “ Serious question now, If Mayfield can not beat out Tyrod would that be a concern? He’s the number 1 pick overall. I’m not saying anything bad about TT but if TT is really that good shouldn’t he be the long term QB and what’s the point of taking Mayfield then? “ This lead into a great discussion on the appropriate time to start a rookie QB. I want to unpack a few facts to get anyone reading this on the same page as I. First the Browns in the last 18 seasons they’ve used multiple quarterbacks. Sometimes up to 6 in one season and that’s more that any other team in the NFL. That alone would have an odds maker give favorable terms to Mayfield starting this year. Next the NFL in a very well written article by Andy Benoit from MMQB he points out another amazing fact “ given that 17 of the last 20 first-round quarterbacks have assumed the first-string duties before the end of their rookie season”. Time to do a little math and well I would say the odds of Mayfield playing this year just based off the two facts above would be somewhere close to 95%. Continue reading “Tyrod Taylor vs Baker Mayfield after 3 days of training camp The road is paved with good intentions”

Is today “Browns Armageddon” no I believe it’s for the best and here is why.

It would be easy to go full blown panic mode right now unless you really look at the bigger picture. So lets slow down step back and see what we have to work with. First as I posted earlier I completely believe John Dorsey had this as a back up plan that was really the main plan all along. We have to remember that Dorsey was able to watch the Browns play real games last year while also sitting in the locker room learning everything about this team. Then from all reports he went “ dark” pre-draft and formulated a plan of attack at every position from first string to third. The Browns have some of the most highly respected front office people in all of the NFL. Continue reading “Is today “Browns Armageddon” no I believe it’s for the best and here is why.”

Austin Corbett the 33rd pick most didn’t know about and without a position.

Every year a player is selected in the draft that fans know little about. Normally it will happen with the last few picks and most never make the team anyways so not much thought is put into it. This year however is a different story not only did the Browns pick such a player but they used the 33rd pick to select one not well know and without a needed position Austin Corbett. Corbett grew up in the semi small town of Sparks, Nevada and it wasn’t an easy life. But with the help of his hard working father, Corbett was taught early in life no matter how great the struggle the need to never quit, do what’s has to be done and Continue reading “Austin Corbett the 33rd pick most didn’t know about and without a position.”

The importance of Jamie Collins and the 2018 season.

From an early age when I started working for a living I would always ask why. I like to have a real understanding of how or why it’s done the way I was asked to do it. Needless to say I rarely agreed and the quote that has stuck with me over the years was “ Chad you just don’t see the big picture “. Now that I’m older and before asking, I always try to see that big picture and it brings me to Jamie Collins linebacker for the Cleveland Browns. Unlike many of the super star

Continue reading “The importance of Jamie Collins and the 2018 season.”