Dez Bryant

The Browns have made an offer to Dez Bryant and his agent even went as far to release some of the details. From what I understand the Browns have no idea what his plans are when it comes to either rejecting or agreeing to said contract.  With the cut down date fast approaching it could be only a matter of time before the Browns simply move on.

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I was fortunate enough today to be given information from a source that I trust completely.

1. It is well known around the league that John Dorsey is a new kind of boss in Cleveland and he’s not messing around.

2. Dorsey’s plan for camp this year is to make it extremely uncomfortable for everyone this includes everyone.

3. Only a handful of players on the roster now is completely safe. If any player on the roster before Dorsey took over, this team has either cost a game last year, doesn’t play the position at the highest level or can not catch the football is on the bubble no matter the draft status.

4. The Browns are interested in Khalil Mack but formal negotiations haven’t started only an inquiry. (I personally didn’t think this would happen, I was wrong)

5. Dez Bryant talks have been put on hold as the front office is reviewing trade partners for other wide receivers. We could see a few brought in over the next weeks for try outs.

6. Adam Pac-Man Jones is also on hold with no further talks planned at this time.

7. The chance right now that Aaron Donald will be shopped is very slim as the Rams plan to do whatever it takes to keep him on the team. This could change, but is unlikely.

  1. As I said yesterday it’s almost a zero chance that the Browns will get an opportunity at trading for Odell Beckham JR.

If Hard Knocks was looking for a nonstop, must watch TV show, they found it with the Browns in 2018. From what I understand as of right now the roster building past the 1st team offense and defense isn’t close to being done yet. We could see big name players traded or released here shortly. I’m not sure if I agree with this approach, but after 1-31 season anything is understandable. I know a lot of fans believe we have the power to influence moves the team makes and in the past that may have been true. But there’s a new sheriff in town, his name is John Michael Dorsey and he doesn’t care about upsetting the apple cart. He’s on a mission to change this franchise and you’re either helping that goal, or on your way out the door and he doesn’t care who it is. So change is coming and we can’t stop it buckle up, it’s about to get bumpy.