Browns and Pete (Ninja) Carmichael Jr.

In my next assessment of the next potential head coach of the Cleveland Browns, we turn our attention to Pete Carmichael Jr. Pete is the offensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints and right-hand man of head coach Sean Payton. On October 28th, 2018 I was the first to put coach Carmichael’s name out after receiving information from a trusted friend. Since then, his name is starting to come up even more for others affiliated with the Browns. Coach Carmichael is not well known to most, as he works in the shadows like a ninja to design a prolific offense around quarterback Drew Brees.

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Browns and Matt (Spartacus) Campbell

Matt Campbell’s name seemingly came out of nowhere as a leading candidate for the Browns head coaching job. The local coach from Massillon Perry, Ohio has climbed the ranks quickly all the way to head coach of the Iowa State Cyclones. Over the last few years, Campbell has also built a friendship with Browns GM John Dorsey.

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Browns and Josh McDaniels the joker

It’s that time of the year when everyone in the NFL, media will name another assistant coach from the Bill Belichick tree as the next up and coming. This year it’s failed head coach and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. It wasn’t long before coach McDaniels name was listed as in play by MMQB writer Albert Breer as a top candidate for the Browns.

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Browns and Dave Toub the magic man

No secret that John Dorsey holds coach Toub in high regards. In my coaching re/search 2019 articles, I have Toub listed in the number one spot. The process will be long and cover many, but as I’ll lay out below, he’ll be difficult to top.

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Browns coaching re/search 2019 Part 3

Over the last two days, John Dorsey laid out the plan for hiring a new head coach. Dorsey started off confirming what I posted in part one of my head coaching series as to the make-up of the search team. While making a point that age or NFL experience would not play into the decision he did, however, list three items that would.
1st. High football acumen
2nd. Can lead young men
3rd. A man of character

Like always having a persona of winning will also play into this search. While I continue to read and research to stay on top of the possible candidates here is the updated list.

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Browns and the Mad Chemist Williams

Chemistry is a term used to explain the relationship between players in the NFL. It’s something that cannot be measured or recorded, but its impact is nevertheless felt. A GM can draft all the right players along with adding the perfect veterans, but if the team doesn’t have chemistry, it will not matter.

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It’s Dangerous, Browns week 10 recap

The Game: Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes of dysfunction the Browns took on a new life Sunday. In only two weeks, interim coach Gregg Williams was able to fix a lot of the problems that have held the Cleveland Browns back, and this win will give everyone positive momentum heading into the bye week. With this first step in the right direction, the Cleveland Browns, along with the loyal fan base, can start to move on from the marred past. Continue reading “It’s Dangerous, Browns week 10 recap”