Odds for the Browns 2019 UDFA class

On Friday the Browns put ink to paper an added 15 UDFA’s or undrafted free agents to complete the 90-man roster. In years past the odds that a few would make it onto the 53-man roster were high with the team looking to replace veteran players or those who couldn’t make in the NFL.

It’s not the same now after GM John Dorsey to full advantage of the team’s cap space and popularity to add key play-makers across the roster.

Let’s take a look at the players added and see what the odds may be for them making the Cleveland Browns 2019 53-man roster.

Wide Receivers:
Dorian Baker 6’3 213 pounds from Kentucky, Baker is a local kid from Cleveland Heights and played 5 years in college. He was out for 2017 and finished his senior year in 2018 with 13 catches for 133 yards in 8 games. Only running a 4.52 in the 40 and low production in college I have Baker at a 5% chance.

DJ Montgomery 6’1 201 pounds from Austin Peay, Montgomery has 3 years of college and was productive. Dj also had a nice jump in stats his final year with 29 receptions for 566 yards and 7 touchdowns. When you watch his film, the strength of his hands stands out. The best chance for Montgomery will be the practice squad later in the season, and I have that at 50%

David Blough 6’0 200 pounds from Purdue, and Many Ohio State Buckeye fans will remember Blough from the ugly game in October. Blough torched the Buckeyes with 49 points going 25 of 43 for 378 yards and 3 touchdowns. PFF football had Blough rated as the 4th most accurate QB from 1 to 9 yards in all of college last year. A perfect stat for a backup QB looking to make the roster. Another promising stat was the ability to deliver from a clean pocket with a PFF passer rating of 115.8 % ( Mayfield was 148.6%). Showing excellent production and a similar playing style as Mayfield, I have his odds at 65%

Tight End:
Stephen Carlson 6’4 240 pounds from Princeton, Carlson is a smart competitive player. The Browns are loaded at Tight End, and it would take a miracle for Carlson to make the 53. I have his odds at 5% unless Seth DeValve should find himself added to a trade.

Offensive Line:

Brian Fineanganofo 6’6 304 pound tackle from Idaho State, is not the normal UDFA. After 4 years of college football, Brian made a name for himself with a very productive offensive line. He was invited to the Collegiate Bowl in 2019 and made the Browns take notice as well. Brian was able to turn in an excellent performance at his Pro Day putting up numbers close to the first round talent of Andre Dillard. Either on the practice squad or the 53-man roster, I have the odds of Fineanganofo making the team at 90%.

Trevon Tate 6’3 306 pound tackle from Memphis, the Browns have Tate listed as a center on the web site. A first-team All-American Athletic Conference honor winner in 2017 Tate can be a force on the field. PFF also had Tate listed as #93 on their top 250 prospects coming out of college this year. Tate has never played at the center position only at tackle. Will his raw talent be enough to translate into a team needed spot on the 53? I have the odds at 50%

Willie Wright 6’3 300-pound tackle from Tulsa, The Browns have a lot of quality depth on the offensive line this year. Wright is also listed at the center position something he didn’t play in college. I have his odds of making the team at 5%

Running Back:

Darrin Hall 6’0 217 from Pittsburgh, Hall is local from Youngstown, Ohio and played 4 years in college. While Hall is not the typical duel-treat that most teams are looking to find. Hall did finish with 38 receptions for 267 yards and one touchdown, so receiving isn’t out of the question. I view Hall as more of an old school power back able to force his way down the field. Each year of college Hall was able to improve and his senior year averaged 7.5 yards per carry for 1144 yards and 10 touchdowns. Hall could be the workhorse behind Nick Chubb adding real depth to the running back group.
I have his odds of making the team at 75%

Defensive End:

Wyatt Ray 6’3 257 pounds from Boston College, after finishing his 4 years in college Ray was a stats machine. 114 total tackles 17 sacks with 24 resulting in a loss of yards. Ray has a very high motor, game speed and with the vision needed to stay with the ball. NFL draft profiles have him listed as special teams player to start. Ray will need to add some muscle weight as of right now he’s the lightest of all the Browns defensive ends. With the Browns making a substantial investment over the last few years at the position it’s going to be battle to make the 53. I look for the Browns to retain 5 and if Ray can beat out Zettel or Thomas, he’ll make it. I have his odds at 50%

Jarrell Owens 6’3 262 pounds from Oklahoma State, A good player overall I don’t believe Owens will show enough for the Browns to move him to the 53-man roster. I have his odds at 5%

Dedrick Young II 6’0 233 pounds from Nebraska; the Browns already have a substantial investment at linebacker, and I have his odds at 5%

Anthony Stubbs 6’0 220 pounds from Prairie View A&M; the Browns already have a substantial investment at linebacker, and I have his odds at 5%

J.T. Hassell 5’11 200 pounds from Florida Tech; the Browns already have a substantial investment at, safety and I have his odds at 5%

Jermaine Ponder 6’1 195 pounds from Saint Francis; the Browns already have a substantial investment at, cornerback and I have his odds at 5%

Jamie Gillan 6’1 207 Arkansas Pine-Bluff; this could be the best competition of training camp. Gillan started his football life playing rugby instead of NFL football. Believing he could do better, Gillan set off for college to test himself and in the process proved he deserved a chance in the NFL. Last year the Browns bought in Justin Vogel to compete against Pro Bowler Britton Colquitt. Vogel made it a battle until the last few weeks of camp when Colquitt just ran away with it. With the age and contract, Colquitt has currently with the Browns Gillan has a real chance of winning the job. Gillan could also add a new dimension to the special teams. I have odds  for Gillan at 75% making the 53-man roster.

Best of luck to all the new Browns players looking  to make the final roster and always Go Browns.


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