The Browns 2019 NFL Draft Rumors

Welcome to Draft week and for the first time in, well forever the Cleveland Browns are not the main story-line. After a masterful offseason, GM John Dorsey and his crew of NFL elites have transformed the team into a contender.

Without a pick in the first round, not much information has come to the surface on what plans the team may have for the week’s end. So far I have only for a few I believe to be credible but not set in stone.

1. Dorsey believes the team is set for the starting 22 and is now only looking to add depth. After going over the draft board many times, the draft team does not see value in the early rounds. Instead, they would like to trade back with picks #49 #80 and #119 to acquire picks for the 2020 draft. The main focus will be in the later rounds.

2. The Browns and Jaguars are still in talks about trading star cornerback Jalen Ramsey. The Browns would send multiple players and picks from the 2019 and 2020 draft for compensation. With a holdout looming by Ramsey the Jaguars are looking to move him before the draft to target his replacement.

3. The Browns have a trade set in place with the Eagles for pick #25 if wide receiver Marquise Brown should slide that far. The trade would include Duke Johnson another player, (most likely a wide receiver,) pick #49 and the Browns 2020 second round pick. Dorsey has a strong relationship with the Oklahoma Sooners program and has attended at least 3 games this year while scouting players.

4. The plan is to move up and draft Jeffery Simmons. The rumor has been around for a while now and shouldn’t be a shock to anyone if that happens.

After looking at all the players, the Browns have met with and going over the draft many times. I still believe that Ohio State defensive tackle Dre’Mont Jones will be the Browns target. The interest in Simmons was nothing more than a smokescreen to help Jones slide into the second round.

The Browns will leave the 2019 Draft with an even better team no matter what route they chose. With the franchise quarterback and a roster full of talented players, the future is bright in Cleveland Ohio.

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