My one and only Browns mock draft 1.0

This will be my first ever mock draft on what I believe the Browns may do during the 2019 NFL Draft weekend. Taking all my biased out and looking only at facts I will be making my best guess while having a little fun.

I’ll start with the percentage of the Browns trading back into the first round. I have that at less than 30%. If by chance 4 quarterbacks, 2 running backs along with 2 wide receivers all go in the first round the percentage would increase to 50%. This would push top defensive talent late in the first and early second round making the pick highly valuable.

With the linebacker position, I believe that Dorsey will try to make a trade either before or during the draft.

Pick #49
1. Dre’Mont Jones, Ohio State Defensive Tackle
The Browns have shown great interest in Jones, and he fits what Dorsey is looking for at defensive tackle.
2. Andre Dillard, Washington State Offensive Tackle
If Dillard should start to slip, I believe Dorsey would trade up and take him either late in the first round or very early in the second.
3. Juan Thornhill, Virginia Safety
Thornhill is fast running a 4.42 at the combine and is athletic ability would allow Wilks to play him at three positions Strong Safety, Free Safety, and Cornerback.
4. Mack Wilson, Linebacker Alabama
Wilson is the 3rd best linebacker in the draft. With the close connection that Kitchens has with Nick Saban, the Browns could disguise interest in the player and still be comfortable making the pick.
5. Andy Isabella, UMass
Isabella is lightning fast and would add another element to the Browns offensive weapons.

Pick #80
1. Trade: Either trading for a veteran linebacker or moving back in the draft I believe this is the pick Dorsey would most likely use.
2. Michael Jordan, Ohio State Center/Guard
Jordan fits the offensive profile that Dorsey looks for. His versatility would allow the Browns to add real depth to two positions and a future starter.
3. Terry McLaurin, Ohio State Wide Receiver
If McLaurin slipped to the third round, it would be an easy pick for the Browns at 80. With 4.35 speed and a strong showing at the combine and senior bowl, Terry can rotate between a receiver and special teams ace the Browns need.
4. Trysten Hill, UCF Defensive Tackle
The Browns still need depth at tackle and Dorsey has said many times you can never have enough pass-rushers. 20 tackles for a loss and 6 sacks would help upgrade the group.

Pick #119
1. Sutton Smith, Northern Illinois Outside Linebacker/Defensive End
Smith is a tackle machine that will help the Browns add both depth on the defensive but special teams as well.
2. Saquan Hampton, Rutgers
Hampton would give the Browns another fast (4.48) safety for rotation and also help to cover tight ends in the nickel package.
3. Trade: Either using this pick to trade back into the third round or later in the forth.
4. Penny Hart, Georgia State Wide Receiver
Hart would allow the Browns to move Jarvis Landry outside while adding another kick returner. This is also the sweet spot for Dorsey to draft receivers.

Picks #144 -#155 -#170
1. Tre Watson, Maryland Linebacker
Watson had a great senior year at Maryland. 108 tackles 1 sack and 5 interceptions as a ball-hawk linebacker.
2. Gardner Minshew, Washington State Quarterback
The Browns will most likely have 4 QB’s for training camp. Looking to add a second string QB that would fit the same mold as Mayfield, Minshew is close as you can get. Pre-Draft scouting reports call him the poor mans Mayfield.

4. C.J. Conrad, Kentucky Tight End
5. Malcolm Pridgeon, Ohio State Offensive Line
6. Kahale Warring, San Diego State Tight End
7. Ben Burr-Kirven, Washington Linebacker
8. This would also be a spot for Dorsey to package all 3 picks and move back in the draft while picking up an extra pick for next year.

Pick #189
1. Evan Worthington, Colorado Safety
If the Browns have not selected a safety by pick 189 and Worthington is available this would be an excellent selection for Dorsey. With the ability to play both deep safety and slot corner it would be another versatile addition to the secondary.
2. J.T. Hassell, Florida Tech Linebacker/Safety
Hassell would be a value pick for the Browns at 189. Receiving high praise by Jeff Risdon for his performance at the Tropical Bowl and his visit with the Browns for a private workout he should be in play.
3. John Cominsky, Charleston Defensive Tackle
This is the spot Dorsey is always looking to add depth to the defensive or offensive line.

Pick #221
With all the draft picks Dorsey has made over the years he has only selected twice in the 7th round. I believe it’s more likely than not this pick will be used to move up or in a trade for a veteran player.
1. Corrion Ballard, Utah Cornerback
2. Johnnie Dixon, Ohio State Wide Receiver
3. Jordan Scarlett, Florida Running Back
4. Derick Roberson, Sam Houston Defensive End

After going over all my notes, listening to pressers and looking at the players listed as having contact with the Browns I believe Dre’Mont Jones is the most likely the top target for the Browns. I did speculate that the Browns had set themselves up to trade the farm for a top linebacker.

The problem with that theory would be this. The Browns did not have a private meeting with either White or Bush. Even with having the smartest front office in the NFL, not having that meeting before trading valuable assets would be an extremely risky move.

John Dorsey and the Browns are in a win now mode. Looking at the list of players that have been brought in for a visit it wouldn’t shock me to see picks traded for couple more veterans. Then only selecting in the last few rounds.

Welcome to draft week Dawg Pound and remember with the 17th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns select Odell Beckham Jr. Wide Receiver New York Giants. Go Browns

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