John Dorsey’s time has arrived.

Sometimes when you listen to an interview, it can make you take a step back and reflect on what was said. Today was one of those times when Cleveland Browns Daily hosted Peter King of Football Morning in America.

King and John Dorsey have a long friendship that helps give a little more insight into the real feelings of the Cleveland Browns General Manager.

Today King spoke about how GM Dorsey reacted after the 2018 NFL Draft when the Browns selected the quarterback that will lead this team long into the future. When it was over on Saturday night, Dorsey drove the next to visit the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio.

King explained how GM Dorsey took his time to encompass the rich history of the NFL. I would also believe reflecting on the gravity of his first draft with the Browns. King also spoke about Dorsey’s fire and passion for football and what it means to be the GM of such a historic franchise like the Cleveland Browns.

When the interview was over It left me wanting to ask one questions to Dorsey. What does it mean to you being the GM of the Cleveland Browns?

We can only speculate to what the answer may be from Dorsey. But after the interview with King and other sounds bites, I believe he would reply with, everything.

From his time at the University of Connecticut to when he was a player for the Green Bay Packers, football has been the life for the Browns GM. Dorsey has done well the entire time as he took each step up the ladder.

Dorsey has worked with some of the greatest football minds the game has ever seen. Even with the ups and downs of any career, Dorsey has continued better not only himself but the people around him.

Now after 35 years in the NFL the Cleveland Browns have a skilled GM on one mission, and that’s to win it all.

I genuinely believe that Dorsey has found the job he’s always wanted. From building his staff of top NFL front office assistants to hand-picking his head coach, everything is in place. Browns fans will no longer need to worry about infighting and not having a plan for the future. Each person in the organization below Dorsey has another backing them up. One goal and one purpose and that is winning a Super Bowl.

Learning from the success and the failures the time has arrived for the Browns general manager to fulfill his destiny.

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