Browns coaching re/search 2019 Part 5

he plan that John Dorsey had for the head coaching position at the beginning of the season is almost null and void. As Gregg Williams continues to move this team forward, he also makes the decision to move on even more difficult.

I was also able to find out who I believe is now part of the coaching search team assembled by John Dorsey.

1. John Dorsey Browns GM
2. Scot McCloughan Special Assistant
3. JW Johnson Executive Vice President
4. Paul DePodesta Chief Strategy Officer
5. David A. Jenkins Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
( I cannot 100% confirm this list, but I do believe it’s very close)

After a few key events this week along with new information my head coaching search list has taken a significant change.


Gregg Williams: I believe coach Williams has put himself in the driver’s seat on retaining the job. The team and coaching staff have all bought into his program. Production across the board continues to increase each week. Williams does have one issue that will need to be addressed at the end of the season. Does he want to be a head coach next year?

Bruce Arians: I believe coach Arians has now become the backup plan if the search doesn’t work out. A short-term deal with Arians would also allow the Browns to retain Kitchens as offensive coordinator.

Kliff Kingsbury: John Dorsey loves Big 12 football, and Kingsbury would give Dorsey that young offensive-minded coach to help develop Baker Mayfield. Dorsey also has a good relationship working with Kingsbury during the 2017 NFL draft with his quarterback Dorsey selected Patrick Mahomes. Kingsbury is also a former NFL player, so he has an understanding of the interworkings. One significant problem will be the tarnished relationship Kingsbury has with Baker Mayfield.

Lincoln Riley: Coach Riley would jump to the top of the list for Dorsey, but it will be others in the group that will need to agree as well. It’s still not clear if Riley will even leave Oklahoma and if he would how the Browns could beat out the Cowboys. This makes Kliff Kingsbury an excellent backup plan if Dorsey wouldn’t be able to sing Riley.

Dave Toub: Will always be the safe choice that everyone can agree on.

Ken Norton Jr.: If Gregg Williams is out at the end of this year and with Scot McCloughan in the ear of Dorsey Norton could be the perfect answer. This would keep Freddie Kitchens in place and allow Norton to build the second coming of the “Legion of Boom.” The Browns young star-studded defense would be the focal point of the new head coach. Coming from the Pete Carroll coaching tree, everyone will be able to trust a well-run program from Norton.

Freddie Kitchens: Kitchens could win the head coaching job by default. With so many teams looking for the next great offensive mind. Giving the head coaching duties may be the only option in keeping him. The chemistry between Mayfield and Kitchens has taken both into the NFL spotlight, and other teams are taking notes.

Mike McCarthy: Too many connections with the Browns front office to not be on this list. McCarthy would be higher on the list but until he makes it clear he would like to return I have him at 8.

Pete Carroll: Depending on how the Seahawks season plays out Carroll will always be the top choice for Scot McCloughan.

Eric Bieniemy: Bieniemy will always have a chance at this job because of his working relationship with Dorsey. It would be a giant step so early in his career that’s what he’s in the 10th spot.

With the season almost over this coaching search will start to heat up quickly. Put on your seat-belts it’s going to be one heck of a ride.

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