Browns coaching re/search 2019 Part 4

Nothing about finding a different head coach for the Cleveland Browns in 2019 will be easy for GM John Dorsey. Losses are mounting for teams around the NFL and the list of potential teams entering the market keeps increasing. Let’s take a look at the many teams that could be competing against the Browns.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals
  2. Carolina Panthers
  3. New York Jets
  4. Green Bay Packers
  5. Atlanta Falcons
  6. Denver Broncos
  7. Baltimore Ravens
  8. Pittsburgh Steelers
  9. Jacksonville Jaguars
  10. Dallas Cowboys
  11. Seattle Seahawks
  12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers


While it’s still very early, this list could increase or decrease depending on how some of the teams finish out the year. The Browns currently retain around 20 different coaches like most other teams in the NFL. With every team that hires the next coach before the Browns that will also be 20 assistant coaches that will need to be replaced. Looking for a new head coach for the 2019 season could quickly turn into getting the leftovers if a team isn’t proactive.

I found many people will write off Dorsey retaining interim head coach Gregg Williams. They believe that when John Dorsey took the job, he had a list in his pocket of potential candidates. A consensus from the NFL media was formed quickly that the leader of the list was Matt Nagy.

With John Dorsey’s top choice already the head coach of the Chicago Bears and the Browns team playing so well under Gregg Williams, it’s a good chance that list was tossed out. I’ve done weeks of research, reading, and listening to every bit of information I can find. Below is my updated list.



Gregg Williams: Cleveland Browns Interim Head Coach

When Dorsey was forced to retain Hue Jackson by ownership no one could foresee the turn around this team would have under coach Williams. While Williams took over head coaching, running backs coach Freddie (IRON MAN) Kitchens took over play-calling duties. The team has improved across the board and rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield rocketed to the top of the elite in the NFL.

I believe in the eyes of both John Dorsey and the Browns ownership this has become his job to lose.

But something else struck me as I was doing my research—reports started coming out Saturday that former head coach Hue Jackson will take over as the new head coach of the Bengals with Marvin Lewis moving into the front office.  The Bengals have already released the defensive coordinator, and that will be the first position Jackson will need to replace.

If Gregg Williams should be released by the Browns and already, he already has a working relationship with Jackson and I would see no reason Williams wouldn’t be his first choice.

What could become an even bigger nightmare would be if both Jackson and Williams decided to offer Freddie Kitchens the offensive coordinator position as well.

This doesn’t end with the Bengals either, as coach John Harbaugh could be out with the Ravens. Kitchens master plan offense is already getting noticed around the NFL as Baker Mayfield keeps improving. The Ravens are watching firsthand how well the development is going with Mayfield and also have a rookie QB in Lamar Jackson that could show the same progress under his guidance.

Each team will be looking for that next young innovative mind and right now Kitchens is taking himself directly to the top of that list. Now some may also write this off as impossible, but I would like to remind them that the hiring of Todd Haley happened quickly within the same division.

Bruce Arians: Retired Head Coach

When you have this much smoke, it’s most likely coming from a small fire.

Coach Arians is by far the most logical choice as the next head coach for the Browns. He has already stated that he’ll keep the current coaching staff in place.  This would be a smooth transition that will check the boxes and keep this team building on the foundation in place now.

Dave Toub: Kansas City Chiefs Assistant head coach & special teams coordinator

With a long documented history with GM John Dorsey, coach Toub will be the safe plan B option that everyone can support. He is a proven leader of young men and has had a high caliber career. Toub would give Dorsey an almost no-risk hire to help build this team into the future.

Lincoln Riley: Oklahoma Sooners Head Coach

Most of the NFL media believe Riley would want his NFL debut to be with his favorite childhood team, the Dallas Cowboys. However, Jason Garrett could save his job by making the playoffs. After almost two years of researching GM John Dorsey, I feel confident in saying that John is in the process of recruiting Riley now. If Dorsey can sell the Browns head coaching job the right way, it could prove to be intriguing enough to lure Riley in.

Pete Carmichael Jr: New Orleans Saints Offensive coordinator

Coach Carmichael is the perfect back up plan if everything should not work out how Dorsey wants. As I stated above, with so many teams looking Carmichael could be the last man available that would also check all the boxes. When you cannot get one of the best in Sean Payton, his top assistant would be close. One caveat to Carmichael with the Browns could be the Dallas Cowboys. Albert Beer has many times listed the two top candidates for the head coaching job would be Sean Payton and Lincoln Riley. If Jerry Jones was not able to land either Carmichael could become his backup plan as well.

Mike McCarthy: Green Bay Packers Former Head Coach

Jason La Canfora said this about McCarthy as the next head coach for the Browns: “I’d be surprised” but would not rule it out.

John Harbaugh: Ravens Head Coach

Harbaugh will be the top coach on the market, but most believe that either the Packers or the Jets job will be his top choice as he will want out of the AFC North.

Pete Carroll: Seattle Seahawks Head Coach

This would be the top choice for Scot McCloughan. His development of Russell Wilson would certainly help Dorsey settle for Carroll.

Eric Bieniemy: Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator

Bieniemy should get a lot of interviews, and he would work well with Dorsey. From the reports I’ve read, it’s believed he’s still too green and could use another year before taking on the head coaching role.

Freddie Kitchens: Browns Offensive Coordinator

Kitchens could be a dark horse in this coaching search. If the Browns continue to develop into a high-powered offense like it has over the past few weeks, look for his name to be in play for more than a few teams. If the Browns front office would like to keep the progress going with retaining Kitchens the head coach position may be the only choice.

2019 is fast approaching and the Browns are no longer in the driver’s seat when it comes to the head coaching job.  Everything is at stake, and sometimes the simple answer is also the best answer. If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it. Right now the Cleveland Browns are not only unbroken—this team is improving each week.

Written By: @Chadp71

Edited By: @Robzie_

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