Browns John Dorsey and the 2019 Draft

The 2019 NFL Draft talk is already starting up this year. GM John Dorsey of the Cleveland Browns will get his second chance to build on the spectacular 2018 draft.

During one of the first press conferences after joining the Browns, Dorsey made joked that he doesn’t lie very well so he will not even try. While he will never come right out and tell you what picks he’ll make, he does give great hints.

When asked about his process, Dorsey explained”you have to have an open mind.” We know this to be true because, unlike GM Sashi Brown, Dorsey will take a risk on players with questionable traits. He went on to say you have to filter all the information coming in while also looking at how the player will impact the game.  “Are they good people, do they love the game of football, and will their teammates like them?”

Starting in February, John Dorsey will have a 17-day meeting with the college scouts to build a consensus within the organization. Then right before the combine, the coaches will receive the list of players to evaluate. After workouts and film study, the entire group will meet back for ten days of meetings to start building the draft board.

Now that Dorsey has the quarterback locked down, he’ll have five positions he believes are the key to his success. Below is a breakdown from 2013 to 2018 of the position groups that Dorsey has chosen from by draft round. Dorsey says he’ll always take the best player available. Like everyone in the NFL, however, that rarely holds true. When it comes time to turn in the card, odds are it will be the best player of need.

1st—Pass Rusher: Dorsey has taken only one defensive end in the first round. For the Browns, they’re in desperate need of a defensive tackle. With the team still young, I look for Dorsey to try and fix this position with a veteran first. Most mock drafts have the Browns picking around ten. If Dorsey can secure that spot, it will allow him to draft the next best player of need.

2nd—Cornerback: Dorsey has selected two cornerbacks in the first round. Last year it was Denzel Ward. Dorsey then took this position one step further and made a significant investment in veterans. As is sits right now, four Browns cornerbacks will hit the free agency market after this season, along with safety/cornerback Briean Boddy-Calhoun and newly signed safety Jermaine Whitehead. The Browns still have rookie Howard Wilson who hasn’t taken a snap yet due to injury. With the addition of veterans and a core of youth, I don’t see Dorsey drafting another cornerback that early.

If free agency goes well for Dorsey and he locks up the defensive tackle position, a player to watch will be Alabama safety Deionte Thompson. His speed and range are what John Dorsey looks for in a defensive back.

3rd—Left Tackle: The addition of Gregg Robinson may very well have saved Dorsey from selecting an offensive lineman this early. The Browns also find themselves with good depth as Desmond Harrison will continue to grow. Robinson will be an unrestricted free agent in 2019 so Dorsey will need to lock him up early. The Browns also have rookie Austin Corbett to backup guard and center.

If John Dorsey isn’t able to get a deal done with Gregg Robinson or his play should drop off, this position would move to the top of the list. Dorsey has chosen one offensive tackle in the first round, but it seems like a position he likes to find later in the draft.

4th–Wide Receiver: Dorsey has never taken a receiver in the first round. With this year’s class, I don’t foresee that changing. Breshad Perriman is starting to show promise but will be an unrestricted free agent, while Rashard Higgins will be a restricted free agent. The Browns also have Ricardo Louis and Derrick Willies on injury reserve. With depth and free agency, wide receiver will not need to be a top priority going into the draft.

If you look at the history of Dorsey drafting receivers it’s easy to see the fourth round is his sweet spot. This year the Browns have three picks in the third round as it stands right now. This would be the perfect time for Dorsey to take his next receiver.

5th—Running Back: When Nick Chubb was selected in the second round in 2018, Dorsey solidified that position for years to come. With so many backs available in 2019 and the depth the Browns already have, adding a true fullback in later rounds may be a slim possibility

Dorsey also said he’s a creature of habit and this formula that he’s used over the many years works. No one outside the Browns organization will know for sure what player he’ll pick, but it’s easy to find a pattern. Before the 2018 NFL draft, I made a percentage chart using a combination from John Dorsey and Scot McCloughan for what position I believed Dorsey would select.

It turns out I wasn’t that far off on my prediction. Heading into the 2019 season, GM John Dorsey will have somewhere close to $86 million in available cap space. As it stands, Dorsey will also have another nine picks to make as well.

It’s foreseeable that Dorsey will stick with drafting a defensive player in the first round. I have the odds on either a safety or linebacker right now.

So let the mock drafts begin and this year, or for the next ten to fifteen, the Cleveland Browns do not need a quarterback.

Written By: @Chadp71

Edited By: @Robzie_

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