Browns and Pete (Ninja) Carmichael Jr.

In my next assessment of the next potential head coach of the Cleveland Browns, we turn our attention to Pete Carmichael Jr. Pete is the offensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints and right-hand man of head coach Sean Payton. On October 28th, 2018 I was the first to put coach Carmichael’s name out after receiving information from a trusted friend. Since then, his name is starting to come up even more for others affiliated with the Browns. Coach Carmichael is not well known to most, as he works in the shadows like a ninja to design a prolific offense around quarterback Drew Brees.

Per John Dorsey and his head coaching criteria list, let us take a look at how Pete Carmichael Jr. stacks up.

High football acumen:

Carmichael started his coaching career in New Hampshire with the NUH Wildcats as assistant offensive line coach in 1994. One year later, he was off to Louisiana Tech to take on the role of quarterbacks coach. After four years with the Bulldogs Coach Carmichael spent four years with the Bulldogs before he headed to the NFL. In the year 2000 coach Carmichael arrived in Cleveland, Ohio as the Browns new tight ends coach and offensive assistant. While his tenure was only one year in Cleveland, Carmichael spent the next 17 years working in the NFL.

In 2001, Carmichael joined the Washington Redskins as offensive assistant and quality control coach. He followed that with a three-year stint with the San Diego Chargers as offensive assistant, quality control coach, assistant wide receivers, and quality control coach.

Carmichael found his new home in 2006 with the New Orleans Saints as the new quarterback coach. With his 12 years in the program, Carmichael has worked his way up from quarterbacks coach to passing game coach and now as offensive coordinator.

From starting in the trenches of a small college school all the way up to a Super Bowl winning NFL franchise, you can say Carmichael has done it all. I will answer “High football acumen” a resounding yes.

Can lead young men:

I will take us back to his days at Louisiana Tech in 1995 when he took over as the quarterbacks coach. Joe Raymond Peace was the head coach from 1998 to 1995 yielding a record of 40–44–4. After getting his footing with the program in 1996, Carmichael started working with quarterback Tim Rattay. Through Rattay’s first year with the program, he went 293 of 477 for a 61.4% completion rate and over 3,881 passing yards. With a ratio of 34 touchdowns to only 10 interceptions, he ended with a QB rating of 149.1. Louisiana Tech finished the season with a 9-2 record.

Through three years of Carmichael’s coaching, Tim Rattay finished with 12,764 yards 115 touchdowns and only 35 interceptions with a completion rate of 65.4%.

His first and only year with the Redskins in 2001 as the offensive assistant & quality control coach. Carmichael was instrumental in the development of both rookie wide receivers Rod Gardner and Darnerien McCants.

In 2002 with the San Diego Chargers as offensive assistant & quality control coach, Carmichael had his first opportunity to work with rookie Drew Brees.

In 2004 Carmichael was named assistant wide receivers and quality control coach for the Chargers. The Chargers received Keenan McCardell in a trade with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and in 2005 McCardell became the 13th player in the NFL history to record 800 career receptions under Carmichael’s direction.

Carmichael took over as the New Orleans Saints quarterbacks coach in 2006 to once again work with Drew Brees.

Each team and each year, Carmichael gets the most out of his players. Carmichael took over as offensive coordinator in 2009 and, like a ninja using his katana, his offenses carved up opposing defenses all the way to winning the Super Bowl.
After 24 years of working in football from college to the NFL, the answer to the question of being able to lead men is yes as well.

A man of character:

Pete Carmichael Jr. is not a flashy showoff and therefore not quite well known, as I stated in the opening paragraph. He’s a “put your head down and work in the shadows” type of coach. Carmichael has worked with both Marty Schottenheimer and Sean Payton in his career. I could not find one negative story or quote about the man. All you need to know about how accomplished he is as a coach can be found on the below Saints web page detailing his accomplishments. I will say the answer to the question of “Is he a man of character?” would be a yes as well.

The conclusion:

Carmichael Jr. checks off everything GM John Dorsey is looking for in a coach. After all my research I have no idea how another team hasn’t already hired him for the most coveted position the head coach. Baker Mayfield is almost equal to Drew Brees in size and playing style and this would also give Carmichael a leg up on the competition.

Personal Note: I try to keep most of my assessments easy to read with key details just to give and overview. With coach Carmichael I could have written a book on how accomplished he’s been as a coach. One of the most important traits any head coach will need to have will be quarterback development. The Cleveland Browns fan base can take comfort in knowing should Pete Carmichael Jr. be named head coach. He’s excelled at quarterback development over his years as a football coach.

Special Thanks to @BrownsTherapy

Written By: @Chadp71

Edited By: @Robzie_

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