Browns and Dave Toub the magic man

No secret that John Dorsey holds coach Toub in high regards. In my coaching re/search 2019 articles, I have Toub listed in the number one spot. The process will be long and cover many, but as I’ll lay out below, he’ll be difficult to top.

Starting with the Green Bay Packers, GM John Dorsey began to appreciate the coaching style of Toub early in his NFL career. With his history of working with Andy Reid in Philadelphia, Dorsey was quick to add Toub to the Chiefs after he wasn’t able to retain his job in Chicago. For Dorsey, this was the start of a long-lasting friend between to two powerful men that built one of the highest scoring offenses’ in the NFL.

Per, John Dorsey and his head coaching requirements let us take a look at how Dave Toub would stack up.

1st. High football acumen:

Toub started his football life at the Springfield College of Massachusetts then went on to play at the University of Texas-El Paso winning the All-WAC selections twice. He was then selected in the 9th round of the 1985 draft by the Eagles. Toub spent two years in the NFL as a player for the Eagles and Rams. After, his stint in the NFL Toub went on to coach 14 years in college. Starting in strength and conditioning then ending as a defensive line coach.

The Eagles hired Toub as a special teams/quality control coach in 2001. Spending two years with the Eagles, he was then off to the Bears as special teams, coordinator. After a coaching shakeup, Toub found himself with the Chiefs continuing as special teams, coordinator in 2013. At the start of the 2018 season, Toub received a promotion to assistant head coach along with staying as special teams, coordinator.

Heading out of week 9 during the 2018 NFL, season Pro Football Focus (PFF) had this to say about the performance of coach Toub. “Dave Toub gets to look more like a head coaching prospect every year, and for a good reason. Both Tremon Smith and Tyreek Hill are top-five-graded return men through the season’s first nine weeks.” After 38 years of playing and coaching multiple aspects of football from college to the NFL, I would say Toub more than checks off the high football acumen requirement.

2nd. Can lead young men:

Not as easy to define as the first requirement you would need to look over the history of Toub to find the answer. Special teams, while a valuable asset to each program it’s never a top priority. Most who find themselves coaching that part of the program will work none starters and rotational players. Special teams are given the least amount of time during practice sessions making the job even more difficult. Dave Toub year in and out continues to have his part of the program performing at the highest level.

Diving even deeper into the subject at hand I can look to one player that will define this more than any other. Tyreek Hill was a troubled young prospect coming out of college and what most considered a wasted draft pick at the time. John Dorsey put his trust in coach Toub and turned over Hill to see if he was able to do what most in the biz like to call (coach him up). Hill’s first year with the help of Toub was able to maintain a 15.2 yards per kick average while logging two touchdowns on punt returns. Hill was also able to average 27.4 yards per return with one touchdown on kickoffs.

Working with the back of the roster and new prospects every year coach Toub was able to maintain a high standard. His unit was even able to produce while switching teams. With 14 years as the special teams, coordinator the answer is yes, Dave Toub can coach young men and some to greatness.

3rd. A man of character:

While each requirement will be essential in the overall process, this will hold a special place for John Dorsey. Three years of dysfunction and in-house fighting it will be vital moving forward that the next coach retains the highest standard of character.

Coach Dave Toub at the age of 56 with his 38 years in football has never had a dark cloud around his name. He remains loyal to those around him with a put your nose down and work ethic. The Kansas City Chief’s operation ran by head coach Andy Ried is viewed around the NFL, as the pinnacle of perfection. The answer once again is yes Dave Toub is a man of character, and we know this because coach Ried wouldn’t have it any other way.

The conclusion:

Like a magic man when Dave Toub took the job for the 2-14 Chiefs, he was a crucial part in the turn around to the powerhouse we see today. The comfort level he already has with GM John Dorsey along with a history of perfection it’s easy to see why Toub tops the early list. Dave Toub is also the safe choice for everyone involved. From ownership to the fan base anointing Toub as the next in the long line of head coaches for the Browns will be a natural transition. He’ll check off all the boxes, and his tenure with the NFL will allow him to build a competitive coaching staff. Take notice for all others looking to lead this new team. Dave (The Magic Man) Toub has set the bar high and knocking him off will be no easy task.

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