Browns coaching re/search 2019 Part 3

Over the last two days, John Dorsey laid out the plan for hiring a new head coach. Dorsey started off confirming what I posted in part one of my head coaching series as to the make-up of the search team. While making a point that age or NFL experience would not play into the decision he did, however, list three items that would.
1st. High football acumen
2nd. Can lead young men
3rd. A man of character

Like always having a persona of winning will also play into this search. While I continue to read and research to stay on top of the possible candidates here is the updated list.


Dave Toub: Chiefs Special Teams Coordinator Toub should hold onto the top spot deep into the process. The safe choice that everyone can agree on will keep Toub high on the list. He would also be able to work with any coaches the organization would like to retain.

Matt Campbell: Along with what I’ve found and the firm stand of Albert Breer, Campbell will also stay high on this list. Dorsey was asked if the transition to from college to the NFL was to difficult. He quickly went to Pete Carroll as an example of why it’s not. During 2018 pre-draft questions about Baker Mayfield Dorsey would always reference Russell Wilson. ( I found that interesting )

John Harbaugh: Please understand I want no part of this man coaching the Browns. As it looks right now, Harbaugh is going to be released, and he will be the hottest candidate by all accounts. ( Everything that sold ownership on Hue Jackson will be the same here) Benjamin Allbright posted on Twitter that Harbaugh would be a top choice for the Jets.

Mike McCarthy: All signs are pointing to the Packers releasing McCarthy at the end of this season. He meets everything ownership is looking for and will be the top coach in play. His selling point is the development of quarterback Aaron Rodgers along with a well ran locker room. McCarthy to the Browns continues to keep picking up steam.

Pete Carmichael Jr: He checks all the boxes for the job, but everyone I have spoken with believes he would not be able to win over ownership during the interview process. Either way, he will still stay in the hunt. Benjamin Allbright posted on Twitter that Carmichael is an up and comer.

Pete Carroll: A new name added to the list after today. As reported by ESPN Carroll could be on his way out with the Seahawks. GM John Dorsey also referenced Carroll as an example to a college coach performing well going into the NFL. I would say coach Carroll checks all the traits Dorsey is looking for in his search. Along with working to help Russell Wilson become a top NFL quarterback coach, Carroll would have to be a prime candidate for the Browns.

Gregg Williams: Same as before coach Williams would need to show improvement each week. Over the last three days, Dorsey has replete many times it’s all about the next six games. As I wrote in my mad chemist article, I believe that Williams retaining the head coaching job should not be taken lightly if the team does well.

John DeFilippo: He’s on the list because his name repeatedly comes up in the conversation. From what I understand neither side wants to work with each other.

(I do not know this for a fact only via my research)

Eric Bieniemy: Will get an interview, but most believe he’s not ready to be the head coach yet. The Browns may want to hire Bieniemy as the offensive coordinator to groom him for the head coaching position. To do this per league rules, it’s possible he’ll be given the assistant head coach title to show as a promotion.

( From what I understand the Chief will play hardball and do everything possible to keep him. Also per Albert Breer, many teams will not believe he’s ready yet. )

Lincoln Riley: ( My top choice) Per Albert Breer Riley is still in play for many NFL teams. From my research as of now, everything points to Riley waiting to stay in Oklahoma until he wins a national championship.

After two days GM John Dorsey repeatedly said that a female could be in play for the head coaching position. Tony Grossi believes this was to show how far Dorsey will spread the searching net.

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