Browns and the Mad Chemist Williams

Chemistry is a term used to explain the relationship between players in the NFL. It’s something that cannot be measured or recorded, but its impact is nevertheless felt. A GM can draft all the right players along with adding the perfect veterans, but if the team doesn’t have chemistry, it will not matter.

When the Browns named defensive coordinator Gregg Williams interim head coach one question rose to the top. How would this team gel and come together over the final games of the season? Then in just two weeks like a mad chemist, Williams fixed many troubles that plagued this team. From the absorbent amount of penalties to protecting the quarterback. During the week ten match with the Falcons, the flow of the game was improved. The Browns found themselves heading in the right direction.

While I watched in amazement as the Browns shut down one of the hottest up and coming teams in the NFL one drive stood out. With 3:52 on the clock and starting on the 19-yard line Matt Ryan would make his stand to win the game. After just six plays Ryan was able to drive down to the Cleveland 39 yard line.

Was this the same old Browns that would allow the opposing team to score? The answer was no, not today “Kemo Sabes” it was going to be different. For a young team with a 3-36-1 record, the art of finishing a game was something not yet learned. Like a light switch turned on the young Browns defense came to life. Just three plays later defensive end Chris Smith and linebacker Jamie Collins penetrated the Falcons line and forced a strip sack.

Everything the Browns have long searched for was finally coming to fruition. Yes, this young team thanks to its mad chemist interim coach Gregg Williams. Was able to put all the pieces together and win a game as the underdog.

With the game complete and the team celebrating in the locker room, a photo was snapped. It’s said a picture is worth a 1000 words and on this day it was true. From the expressions on players faces to the body language displayed to the world. The 2018 Cleveland Browns had finally found it’s chemistry.

Photo by @Browns

When the 2019 season starts, the Browns management and staff will decide on the next head coach. Many in the industry have already written off Gregg Williams as the next in line. But unlike most, I have to ask why is that?

Its common knowledge that protecting your first round quarterback is of the utmost importance. But what about the other first round picks the team has made. Players like Myles Garrett, Jabrill Peppers, and Denzel Ward where also taken in the first round. Each is vital to the success of the team. All three have only worked with one coach during their short NFL careers. What about the chemistry these first-round picks already have with Williams?

In just two short weeks with offensive coordinator, Freddie Kitchens has spent with Baker Mayfield. He was able to turn in a historic performance as a rookie. The game shouldn’t be taken lightly and or just pasted off. From someone that has extensively researched Baker Mayfield. I can tell you that loyalty is one of his top traits.

The Browns also run a 4-3 defense, and that’s how the team has drafted over the last three years. Some in the sports media like Anthony Lima from the Ken Carmen show. Point out teams are moving to nickel coverage. The Browns defense is built on the 4-3.

The scheme, fit and overall chemistry are essential factors in the outcome from any team. If the Browns move to a coach that runs a 3-4 defense how will that affect the players we have now? Players are ranked per-draft as either 4-3 or 3-4 for a reason.

As well all look into the future for the next Browns coach many factors need to be considered. Williams should not be so quickly written off in this process. This team is no longer in the rebuilding phase as is ready for the next step. Like working with any chemicals if you mix the wrong formula you can end up with toxic waste.

Written By: @Chadp71

Special thanks to Browns Therapy for the featured photo.

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