It’s Dangerous, Browns week 10 recap

The Game: Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes of dysfunction the Browns took on a new life Sunday. In only two weeks, interim coach Gregg Williams was able to fix a lot of the problems that have held the Cleveland Browns back, and this win will give everyone positive momentum heading into the bye week. With this first step in the right direction, the Cleveland Browns, along with the loyal fan base, can start to move on from the marred past.


The Hue Jackson chapter of the Browns storybook is now over. The future is bright with the leadership of John Dorsey and JW Johnson, and this team can now build a winning program. In just one draft GM Dorsey was able to add Pro Bowl level talent on both sides of the ball. The growth from week 1 to week 10 is moving at light speed and it’s only going to get better.


The Offense: Quarterback Baker Mayfield and running back Nick Chubb put on a show the likes Browns fans haven’t seen in a long time. Mayfield with his 17-of-20 216 yards with 3 touchdowns will have him vying for another rookie of the week. When you look at the NextGen stats, once again Mayfield was able to use the entire field. He completed  passes to 9 different receivers and the Falcons secondary wasn’t able to keep up. When the Falcons tried to slow down the pass, Nick Chubb just turned in one productive run after another. Chubb had 20 attempts for 176 yards and 1 touchdown. The best run was a 92-yard carry,the longest in the Browns franchise history. As someone that was able to watch both play college football, it was a flashback the glory days.


Duke Johnson has become the cheat code for the offense under the play calling of OC Freddie Kitchens, with 4 targets, 4 catches with one touchdown. Duke is the keep-the-chains-moving player the Mayfield needs. While Landry and Higgins are the stars of the receiving group, this game was also one you could see the growth in Callaway. On the 92-yard of Nick Chubb, it was Callaway out front blocking and guiding the way into the end zone. What sets a receiver apart is one that will work just has hard when the ball is not going to them.


New OC Freddie Kitchens also improved the play of both Perriman and Njoku. You can see the confidence building and turning into a juggernaut of scoring everytime they possess the ball.


The Defense: This was the first time in his three years here that coach Williams changed everything up on the defensive front . Williams was leaving nothing on the table this time. He kept Matt Ryan in checkdown mode all game long. Myles Garrett was moving all over the field. While he didn’t get a sack, he did keep the pressure up. But the star of the defense this day was linebacker Jamie Collins.  With 8 tackles, 1 assisted, and a forced fumble, Collins lead the Browns defense in production. This was the player I knew he could be. I’m not sure what made him flip the switch but it will be exciting to watch the remaining games. With big-time plays from Schobert, Vallejo, Peppers, Zettel, and Ward, this unit was on fire. Even newly-signed Whitehead had a key tackle on special teams.

Holding down the high-powered offense of the Atlanta Falcons should give fans hope this team can take on anyone.

As Mayfield said in his presser, he felt dangerous and that’s just how interim coach Williams was calling the game. He was dangerous but smart and the Falcons game plan wasn’t a match this time around. The Browns will soon be on a coaching hunt to start the 2019 season. It will be hard to not have Williams at the top of the list from day one if he continues to keep improving the team. So, Browns fans enjoy the bye week and know the next chapter has started. It’s looking bright.


Written By: @Chadp71

Edited By: @Robzie_

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