Chiefs vs Browns Week 9 match-up

The Game: A dark cloud of dysfunction has been lifted from the Browns this week with the release of Hue Jackson. While nothing about this game will come easy it’s also not out of reach. The Browns will only need to look too week 4 game between the Broncos and Chiefs. A close 27 to 23 victory for the Chiefs could be the blueprint for a win Sunday. With a record of 2-5-1, this team can finally play with no pressure.

The Offense: With no more infighting between the head coach and offensive coordinator newly appointed interim OC Freddie Kitchens will allow Baker Mayfield one voice to focus on. With a defense ranked 31st the Browns offense can keep the game close. The best approach will be using all of the play clock to allow the defense ampul time to recharge. Mayfield should get to the line of scrimmage quickly and take his time to survey the field. This was first used with success by Chip Kelly and the Eagles.

For max protection and run blocking going with a two tight end set is perfect for this game. The Chiefs defense has a very weak strong side and the Browns will need to exploit it. If either Nick Chubb or Duke Johnson can break past the line the running game should allow the chains to keep moving.

Freddie Kitchens has nothing to lose and everything to gain on Sunday. Out of all the coaching jobs in the NFL his will be safe for the next 8 weeks. With his 6 years of college and 12 years of NFL experience, he should be more than ready to take on the task at hand. Coach Kitchens has coached every position on offense. Hand-picked by Todd Haley and with the team from training camp he’ll not be learning on the fly. The Chief also have no idea of how coach Kitchen will call this game. The opportunity is present the team just needs to take it.

The Defense: The defense just had its coach promoted to head bus driver and letting coach Williams down is not something they’ll want to do. John Dorsey and his all-star from office built strength up front and speed in the back. Yes, the Chiefs are 7 and 1 but they have yet to face a team like this. Coach Williams will need to back off from the blitz and use coverage to contain.

The Chiefs offense has weapons everywhere from the quarterback to receivers anyone of the can score quickly. But the Browns can match up to all of them if they give 100% effort. I’ve said for a few weeks that Jamie Collins needs to show up and this game it’s more important than ever before. No other player holds keys to victory like Collins. He must lock down the middle of the field while holding plays to the catch only.

Four-man presser is how the Browns defense will need to contain Pat Mahomes. Larry Ogunjobi will have the best match-up against Cam Erving for getting up the middle and flushing Mahomes out.

This is a different team starting over as if it was week 1. Anything is possible now and I look for them to play with a new found energy. With the game at home and a fan base ready to move on from the worst coach in NFL history. It will also be up to us to support them and do our part.

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