Browns coaching re/search 2019

This is going to be a long process that’s currently in the beginning stages. So everything I’m reporting on right now could have a short shelf life as the season moves forward. I will start with the current staff and then each coach I feel could be in play or not.

Overall Plan: As I understand right now GM John Dorsey is leaning more to the college coach while owner Jimmy Haslam more to someone with NFL experience. What is best for Baker Mayfield is the most important aspect of this search. No matter what direction they go the plan is to retain coach Williams as the 2019 Defensive coordinator. Dysfunction is the keyword and any coach they believe has an ego or wouldn’t be a team player will not get a second look.

Gregg Williams: Yes coach Williams will be given a chance to earn the head coaching job. Three items will come into play on how serious this may become.
1. I can not answer this question because I do not know. Does coach Williams still wish to be a full-time head coach?
2. Can he get maximum effort out of the offensive unit in the next 8 weeks?
3. If they chose an experienced NFL coach would he be willing to retain Williams?

Fredrick Kitchens: Yes, when I posted today that Mr. Kitchens is a really good person I wasn’t just being nice. He is well respected around the league and the players. He is the type of team guy Mr. Haslam is looking for. While he may not be considered for the head coaching job, he will for the next offensive coordinator.

Lincoln Riley: The hottest head coaching name in football right now. Yes, coach Riley, will 100% be in play for the Browns.
Problem 1: Both Jerry Jones and his son Stephen Jones are also 100% in play for coach Riley. Unless Jason Garrett can turn the Cowboys around they will make a full “no matter what” push to make Riley head coach.
Problem 2: I can not find any confirmation that Riley would even leave his job at Oklahoma.
I have coach Riley in my number 1A spot.

Dabo Swinney: As reported by Charles Robinson from Yahoo Sports Dabo would be open to coaching the Browns with a catch. The contract he would want will make it extremely difficult. I have coach Swinney as a no.

Matt Campbell: This truly is the name to watch. Albert Breer was the first I found to put his name in play. After a few weeks of digging, The rumors are very strong he has already spoken with the Browns. Coach Campbell a native of Ohio is also a Baker Mayfield fan. I call him the upset king because no other coach has shown the ability to overcome with so little. A great offensive mind that will work well with everyone. The Browns would also be able to keep most of the coaching staff in place. This is a great selling point as Mr. Haslam wants to limit the amount of turnover. Everyone loves coach Campbell and he would fit well with this team. I personally have Campbell at my number 1B spot after all my research. If you’re a Browns fan and would like to see more. Start watching Iowa State football.

Update 11-3-18: Brian Baldinger asked Matt Campbell about coaching in the NFL and Matt replied he’s not a Pro Coach

Pete Carmichael Jr.: This name was given to me a few weeks ago but I held off posting until Hue Jackson was released. On October 28th I was the first to post his named linked to the Browns. After that, he has been discussed on both Cleveland Browns Daily and The Really Big Show. It’s my understanding that coach Carmichael is currently a top choice for owner Jimmy Haslam. He has all the traits Mr. Haslam is looking for. Great personality, NFL experience, offensive-minded, long work history with Drew Brees. He would also be able to work with coach Williams and at no point would a Pete Carmichael coached team work in dysfunction.
Problem: Source, I completely trust the downfall for coach Carmichael will be the interview. It’s something he just doesn’t do very well. I have coach Carmichael in my number 3 spot.

Dave Toub: Tony Grossi was the first I found who listed coach Toub. He fits for both GM Dorsey and Mr. Haslam. Dorsey already has working history with coach Toub and it wouldn’t take any time for everyone to feel comfortable. NFL experience and able to coach each unit Toub also played in the NFL. With how well Andy Ried is doing with Pat Mahomes this year I have coach Toub in my number 4 spot.

Scot Frost: Yes his name will come up and go away as we get closer. A lot of the same traits as coach Campbell. As I find out more I will add to his name.

John DeFilippo: You already know the details so I leave that part off. I know a lot of Browns fans like coach DeFilippo but if he was named head coach the current staff would all be replaced. This will be the hardest part of him getting the Browns job. I’m not 100% on my information so I’ll say it’s more of a belief that Mr. Haslam doesn’t have tolerance for a complete reboot.

Mike McCarthy: If coach McCarthy would be released by the Green Bay Packers he would go right to the top of candidates. I would say at that point I have him at a 90% chance of being the Browns next head coach.

Mike Tomlin: Anthony Lima put coach Tomlin in the mix as a possible, if released by the Steelers. From what I was able to find Todd Haley was the true issues and the chance Tomlin will not be with the Steelers in 2019 is slim to none.

Eric Bieniemy:  While his name has come up on Twitter I have not found any information that I believe has him in play.

Update 11/3/18: Albert Breer now says Bieniemy is in play for the job. Strong ties to John Dorsey and the system he’s already comfortable with means he’ll be a name to watch. This would also allow the Browns to keep most of the coaching staff in place.

Adam Gase: A new name added to the list after Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk believes the Browns GM John Dorsey could trade for coach Gase. I have this as a almost zero chance of happening.

Sean Mcvay and Zac Taylor: Now for the fun part of all the coaches listed. As most of you know and out of the blue Sean Mcvay’s name came up as the number 1 candidate for the Browns head coaching job. I was in complete shock like most everyone else. Reaching out to everyone that would talk I was able to come up with two different opinions. I’ll start with how he could become the Browns next head coach. A few weeks ago Zac Taylor’s name was put out as a possible head coach for 2019. At that point, the Rams had no choice but to game plan on how they would handle losing him. The Rams view Zac Taylor as the key to developing Jared Goff. So if the team would have to replace coach Taylor a real concern exists Goff would regress. Right now if coach Taylor was to leave, the Rams would not receive any compensation.

If however, the Rams would trade coach Mcvay to the Browns they could promote within while also receiving compensation. The team would see little or no drop off in production for the team as a whole. The Browns would also be able to pay the steep price.

It’s no secret that coach Mcvay would enjoy the chance to work with Baker Mayfield. Coach Mcvay would also not have a problem with this trade.

Option two: Utterly Ridiculous was sent to me from a source I trust. They went on to explain this is nothing more than Zac Taylor’s agent back channel promoting his client to get the best deal possible for 2019.

I am not putting my name on either Sean Mcvay or Zac Taylor only sharing the information I was able to find.



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