Embrace the tank part 2

Went I wrote my first piece on this subject, I listed two possible options for the Browns ownership on how to both move the team forward and hopefully heal the wounds of a 3-36-1 record.

What options does ownership really have at this point in the failed plan to tank?

  1. Release Hue Jackson and take full blame. If they did choose this option what would the price be? What will it look like when Hue Jackson takes to the media pleading his case that Dee and Jimmy Haslam ended his career?
  2. Retain Hue Jackson, keep shifting blame to anyone else, and hope at some point he can really turn this team around. If they choose this option how long until the damage simply can’t be fixed?

Leave it to Jimmy Haslam to come up with option three and keep the part out of how to heal.

The morning started off with a tweet from NFL insider Adam Schefter stating that Browns had fired Hue Jackson. Then a few hours later Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley was fired as well. The Monday after another devastating loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers was going to be very eventful, to say the least.

As the day progressed, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was named interim head coach while running backs coach Freddie Kitchens would take over as offensive coordinator. At 4:30 pm, owner Jimmy Haslam and GM John Dorsey held a presser to inform both the media and the fan base about the day’s events.

“I’m sorry,” should have been the start of this presser. I’m sorry for what my ownership has given to so many loyal fans around the world during my tenure. I’m sorry for not being honest with you the people that support this historic team.

Instead, Jimmy Haslam chose to drive the bus right down the middle of the road without stopping. He explained how it was difficult after spending so many years with Hue Jackson and thanked his family. Haslam explained that Hue Jackson wasn’t given much of a roster in the first two years and hoped this year would be different, but it just didn’t work out. During the entire presser, Haslam avoided truly answering any questions. He chose to go with “It’s in the past” and “We’re moving on to the last eight games.”

On a day that Browns fans have been waiting to get answers, Jimmy Haslam not only didn’t say he was sorry but refused to explain what happened. A coach that was paid millions to produce wins and didn’t was “difficult to fire.” But a fan base that’s loyal like no other doesn’t even deserve a simple apology and explanation.

Mr. Haslam was asked if the power structure that’s brought years of dysfunction would be changed to help ensure that we wouldn’t see this again. He quickly struck that down as he went into details how interim coach Williams would report to him directly as will GM John Dorsey. Most winning NFL franchises do not operate this way for a reason. It doesn’t work and the Cleveland Browns over the last six years have proven why. From a new coach or GM almost every other year to a consent flux of problems being reported. It’s always the same story and 2018 looks to be the same.

The Browns are once again heading in a new direction. A possible coaching search to start at any time. While Mr, Haslam says he’s only worried about the next 8 games, it would be criminal not to start preparing for 2019 now.

The odd’s that Hue Jackson will go quietly away are also slim to none. As Mike Silver started to lay out his defense. It will be difficult waters for the fans of this historic Cleveland Browns franchise in the coming months ahead. A franchise-changing rookie quarterback thrust into turmoil like he’s never seen. An offensive coordinator that’s never called a play during a regular season game. An interim head coach who will also be in charge of running the defense. But best of all the disgruntled fired head coach trying to save his football career.

But as the great Al Davis once said ” just win baby” and we the fans base will give up our Sunday’s and hard earn money to support the team we love. Why some may ask? well, It’s a Dawg Pound thing and unless your apart of the family no words can explain it.

Written By: @Chadp71

Edited By: @Robzie_

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