Risk Management via Cleveland Browns

What started off as a very promising year for the Cleveland Browns has quickly turned into just the opposite. The plan set in place by coach Hue Jackson before the season began has now taken a major turn. With the team’s record at 2-4-1 after another devastating loss, the hope of a playoff run looks dim at best.

The next three upcoming games will apply even more pressure to an already stressful future. Soon after Sunday’s loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, most NFL experts went to social media to declare a “red alert” that coach Hue Jackson’s job was no longer safe. Reports of late night meetings along with a very upset GM John Dorsey kept the news cycle running into the morning.

Coach Jackson did himself no favors when he went to the podium post-game and once again did everything in his power to shift blame away from himself.

But as Monday progressed, the narrative that Jackson was going to lose his job began to change. As I posted on Twitter, each person in the Browns organization has a member in the media to tell their side of the story. Instead of Jackson being at risk, the story  turned into defending Todd Haley, while also putting the blame on John Dorsey for trading key players like Josh Gordon and Carlos Hyde. We once again have a repeat of last year.

Per information I was given and the 2:30 press conference on Monday, it’s clear the Browns ownership had made a decision. Risk management was now in full play and the Browns believe keeping a coach with one of the worst records in the history of the NFL was the least costly option. The narrative changed from quick-to-fire owners to to how it would affect the growth of rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield. Simply keeping coach Jackson, the team believes at this time, is the correct path to stay on.

We could see a different Hue Jackson from this point on. The amount of backlash for his post-game presser was the final straw for some in shifting blame. On Monday, Jackson laughed off the spinning by the media as he did the best to clarify that he was a team player and only wanted to help.

Any time you decide to use risk management instead of the natural process you run a risk. This decision could come with a great cost to a team that has finally found its franchise quarterback after years of searching.  Making the change now, still early in his career, would allow for time to recover. We’ve spent three years evaluating the talent of Hue Jackson, and to not make the change now goes against all odds. For Hue Jackson to become a efficient head coach with only nine games left would be one of the greatest turnarounds in NFL history. The Browns could end the year with more in-house fighting, a damaged locker room, and a complete rebuild with the coaching staff anyways.

Is coach Hue Jackson worth the risk? Dee and Jimmy Haslam have decided yes he is.


Written By: @Chadp71

Edited By: @Robzie_

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