Trusting the process

While Tony Grossi was doing his weekly interview on the Really Big Show 850 am ESPN Monday morning, he referenced a Q&A question from GM John Dorsey. An element Dorsey hoped this new team would have is “belief’. The belief that it can win now and be great. Week five against the Ravens could lay the foundation of trust the team will need moving forward. Fighting from the first snap until the last-second kick, for the first time in years the Browns trusted the process to win.

The Defense: While we all joke about the Ravens, one fact remains. Joe Flacco is a franchise quarterback that can win every Sunday. With the Ravens 10th ranked offense overall, the Browns newfound turnover machine defense would have its hands full. Baltimore features everything a team needs to win, a solid line protecting Flacco, two strong running backs, three highly ranked tight ends, and three great wide receivers. But unlike the previous four games, Browns defensive coach Greg Williams would have to trust players he previously didn’t have to. With a reduction in snaps for defensive end  Myles Garrett and defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi, it was time for defensive tackle Trevon Coley, Trevon defensive end Chris Smith, and even newly-added defensive tackle Brian Price to help with rotations.

With DB Terrence Mitchell out with a broken arm, coach Williams how no choice but to trust that backup DB E.J. Gaines would step in and play at the same high level. Linebacker Christian Kirksey returned but was playing with the flu and, along with Jamie Collins and Joe Schobert, would all have to hold down the short middle field. Coach Williams also put his trust in SS Jabrill Peppers, who saw his snap count increase greatly for this game.

Trust was given to each player on this defense to take on the task of beating a 3-1 Ravens team looking to make a playoff run. The players, in return, also had to trust that coach Williams would put each player in the best possible position to win.

At the days end, both came out victorious while holding this great team to only 9 points and zero touchdowns. This was the step necessary for everyone to truly believe in each other. To take the game to another level that only a few teams can. To become a top 5 defense in the NFL that no team will take lightly.

The Offense: Hue Jackson has asked for trust from day one of training camp this year. It’s always easier to ask someone to trust you. But you also need to have that same trust with them. With Tyrod Taylor out and Baker Mayfield playing well to this point, coach Jackson would be put to the test this Sunday more than any other—facing a division rival in a must-win game. The rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield, along with his rookie left tackle Desmond Harrison, would take on the NFL’s second-rated defense.

After the last three years and the struggles of the Browns offense, this had to be a monumental task indeed. With only a few weeks of chemistry with his new offense, Baker Mayfield would need every bit of trust from every coach on the team. When you play a team like the Ravens, you cannot simply play to not lose. You have to take a risk and trust each player will do their job.

Both Hue Jackson and Todd Haley did just that and put 100% trust in the rookie QB, who proved to the entire nation on Sunday, October 7th, 2018 that he was ready to be the franchise quarterback coach Hue Jackson needed.

Trust the process: Yes, this was asked of the players and each has done that this year. But also the coaching staff must and did trust that same process in return. Down to the last seconds, even the kicker Greg Joseph, was trusted to kick the winning field goal.

Now this team can start to grow and become what GM John Dorsey wanted from the start. The belief and trust they can win any game. It’s no longer the same old Browns, but instead a new and stronger franchise ready to take on the world one game at a time.

Written By: @Chadp71

Edited By: @Robzie_

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