Devon Cajuste coming alive

Devon Cajuste #49 the Stanford University UDFA that has won over many Browns fans from his time and story with Hard Knocks. It’s easy to just write off Devon as just a feel-good story that most likely wouldn’t make the team but then you start looking at the numbers. I’ll start with the simple number and that’s his snap count. Over the last 3 games, #49 has racked up a total of 80 so far. That makes him the leader of all four currently on the roster with David Njoku with the second most at 76 the Darren Fells with 49. Yes, you read that correctly 49 so that means #49 has almost double the snaps as the number two tight end on the depth chart. That stat alone tells you this team is very interested in watching the development of the Ca, Juice. The next number I looked at was receiving with only 3 targets #49 made each one for a total of 53 yards including three key first downs. So each time his number was called he was able to deliver. The last and most important number that caught my attention was his overall PPF run blocking grade 70.3 that puts him fourth on the list of all 35 offensive players to take snaps so far. With an overall grade of 68.3 #49 is second among the tight end group. After going over all the data this is how it plays out. #85 David Njoku is the best weapon #88 Darren Fells is the best pass blocker and #49 Devon Cajuste is the best-run blocker. I will have to say that’s a nice combo to start of the season with. But Fells and Cajuste have a solid pass-catching game to go along with the blocking. From practice squad of the Green Bay Packers to then the San Francisco 49ers the well rounded intelligent Stanford University UDFA may have finally ended his search for an NFL football team. That feel-good story of the season also comes with the numbers to back it up. While the roster is set for both David Njoku and Darren Fells Thursday nights against the Lions could be the game that Devon Cajuste needs. 

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