Bills vs Browns the revenge game

The Browns will face off against the Bills on Friday and some are already calling it a revenge game for Tyrod Taylor. After spending most of this week practicing the run game and so many different position changes, it’s time to start building the foundation for which this team will be built on. The offensive line second team needs to step up as they added little protection for Baker Mayfield. After watching practice on Tuesday I can honestly say that depth at this at any position is simply not there yet. Austin Reiter started out the season as the locked down number two center. After only a few weeks he began to struggle with this position and Anthony Fablano was brought in to add a little competition to the spot. Anthony was with the Cleveland Browns last year but didn’t make the final 53. As of Tuesday he was now taking second team reps at center while Austin was moved back to 3rd team during practice. As of now Reiter is listed as the number two but that seat is hot. Tretter is the starter but per the post camp presser even Coach Jackson acknowledged that Tretter needed to be on a rotation now to make the entire 16 weeks. Tretter does have an injury history and Reiter was able to step in and play well in the past,but it’s not going in a positive direction this year. The Browns also have starting right guard Kevin Zeitler off with an injury and we haven’t even made it to week one yet. Bitonio moved to left tackle a newly drafted Austin Corbett starting at left guard you can already see that the offensive line is in serious need of attention . This above all else should be the main focus of the first two quarters Friday night’s game. I could see the brown sticking with a running game plan much like the Chicago Bears did last year. Robinson, who is now working with the second team offense at left tackle has shown real promise to lock down that position. Undrafted free agent Desmond Harrison finally healthy should get a chance to participate in this game as well. The organization has high hopes for this young man and his ability to secure a roster spot that’s badly needed. This will also be make it or break it time for Shon Coleman as the team has given him multiple opportunities to secure a spot and he simply hasn’t yet. With only four spots open for the tight end position and six players fighting to make that roster, this is the game that Seth DeValve has to do well or the door will be open for another rookie to take his place. The last position that I’ll really be watching on Friday will be the kick return. If Evan Berry has any hope of making this team he has to perform if given the chance. The defensive line is also in need of attention before next week’s game against the Eagles. With Brantley missing many days of training camp due to injury this will be an opportunity for Henderson to make one of the four spots available on the 53 roster. Chris Smith has already moved up to second team defensive end and if he keeps playing well could give Emmanuel Ogbah a challenge for that starting spot. Mychal Kendricks is now listed as the second team SAM linebacker behind Collins SR. I found that to be a very interesting move as coach Williams said Kendricks would be playing at the WILL position. Newly drafted Genard Avery will play on the second team at the WILL spot with Jermaine Grace backing him up. Grace continues to stand out in practice and this could turn out to be a real battle for that last spot with the team retaining six linebackers last year. Last week T.J. Carrie was able to improve his stock from a slow start at camp and now is with the second team defensive backs. From revenge to winning none of that matters this week as the team simply has to work on locking down positions. This is a practice game and for the good of the team it should be treated as such. Players that I will have my eye on from the offense will be Harrison, Gray, Fablano, Coleman, Janis and Charles. Players I will have my eye on for defense will be Smith, Henderson, Grace, Burgess and Smith. I look for the Bills to come hungry for a win and I hope the Browns do not even get into that battle because it’s always about winning the war. 

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