The crazy week ahead for the Browns

The week ahead will be a busy turn around for not only the Browns, but also the fan base. After starving for football coming off a devastating lost to the Steelers this will help as we finally have real hope. Each year we look to the promise of a better year than last, only to know in the back of our minds that it doesn’t look good. But this year is different, (no really) and it’s about time. With a revamped offense and a franchise quarterback waiting in the wings we the fan base can truly love football again. The hype is real going into this season, but even if you take a step back, I cannot remember the last time the future of this organization has looked so promising. Players like Garret and Collins completely healthy with a real understanding of the system. Wide receivers that have a better than a 50 % catch rating with bulldozing running backs, oh yes this is going to be fun. Staring off today the Browns will have practice on Monday from 3pm to 6pm and again on Tuesday from 3pm to 6pm. Off on Wednesday to get ready for what will be a new chapter in another what could be season. Topping off all this excitement before we can see some real football again will be the show Hard Knocks airing on Tuesday September 7th at 10 pm. Yes, I’m going to watch because it’s my team and that’s what we do, but I wish this could have been held off a year. A lot will come to light for fans that haven’t been able to make it to camp this year. Also to all of us who’ve never peeked into the inside operation of the team. From all the All The Way Up: Baker Mayfield to Hard Knocks this team has become a reality TV gold mine of information. So get ready for a busy week of Cleveland Browns football. Even with all this entertainment about to be unleashed on the Browns fan base, we’ll also be dealt a little real life. The Josh Gordon story gets deeper by the day and this week could be a turning point that everyone will finally have to deal with. As Mike Freeman posted Sunday night now other NFL teams are starting to ask questions. When you have a set of rules in place to guide 32 teams, each team needs to follow those rules to the letter. If even one player is allowed to get different treatment with this amount of money at stake, it opens the door for earlier players/teams who have been affected by the same rules start to ask why it’s different. The Browns also have to get this offensive line straightened out as the season is going to come quickly now. With so few spots on the 53-man roster time is of the essences. Another position is wide receiver and how Dorsey will handle building a roster around or with Gordon. Crazy times are soon ahead, but unlike years before I can say hope is real, this team is real and we will leave First Energy Stadium screaming HERE WE GO BROWNIES HERE WE GO. 

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