#Browns #BrownsCamp #BrownsTwitter #DawgPound C.J. Board the up and coming wide receiver that nobody seen coming

Every year the Browns find a wide receiver that jumps out during preseason training camp, Josh Lenz, Richard Mullaney, Jordan Leslie (Yes I still have his jersey) and this year that receiver is C.J. Board from Tennessee-Chattanooga 24 years old, 6’1 181 pounds and a player that nobody could see coming. Born and raised in Tennessee, Clarence J. Board who goes by C. J. was a high school star at West Creek High. As a 3 sport, football, baseball and basketball Board was able to still win awards as a 3 time all-district/ all-area player and even a 2 time all region in football. It’s safe to say that excelling is something Board the unknown receiver achieved early in his career. After his stellar high school years he went on to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. At that point much like in high school Board played 51 games with 146 catches for 2032 years in 4 years. What seems to be a new theme with the Browns players that can add value in multiple ways, Board was also playing multiple positions at receiver, kick and punt returns averaging a solid 19. 3 yards per return on kickoffs. With 4 years in the books Board  went as an undrafted free agent who the Ravens signed in May of 2017. He was released and then picked up by the Titans for the practice squad until November of the same year. Only out of work for a short time Board was then signed by the Cleveland Browns to the practice squad as well. In January of this year Board was given a future/reserve contract with the Browns and now he’s starting to stand out in camp. After searching high and low for any kind of film I was able to get a feel for the good and still needs work that Board will bring to camp this year. I’ll start with what still needs work in my opinion. First the run game, he’s in the NFL and needs to fight on every play even if the run isn’t coming to his side. Board sometimes like to slow down when he’s not getting the ball on his side of the field. Second is punt returns and once again Board isn’t aggressive enough. Every time that ball is coming at him, he should act as if it’s the last one he’ll ever get. Those are the key issues he still needs to work on. Now where he needs to excel and I’ll start with quick outs, a cleaner break will help give the quarterback a little more time with the cornerback off him a more. The best attribute I found in his game was press man coverage. It’s like a switch is flipped and you see the real and very aggressive C.J. Board. If I was scouting him that is the base I would hope to build from. That aggression is why he can find himself open against top level competition. Board also has nice separation speed from a running start as he doesn’t let his feet get caught under him. When the play is to his side, he’ll block hard. Board also has versatility as he can play from either side of the field. With his good hands and 4.42 speed he has the tools. While I wasn’t able to watch any film with him in the slot position that could really help set him apart on this roster. Does #16 C.J. Board have what it takes to make the 53-man roster? That will be the question this coaching staff will need to be answered in the next few weeks. Getting help from coach Haley and coach Henry, Board has the base to start from  and all he’ll need to do is put in the work. Watch out Thursday night #16 C.J. Board is coming to make this team and I believe he is a player to watch.

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