The importance of Jamie Collins and the 2018 season.

From an early age when I started working for a living I would always ask why. I like to have a real understanding of how or why it’s done the way I was asked to do it. Needless to say I rarely agreed and the quote that has stuck with me over the years was “ Chad you just don’t see the big picture “. Now that I’m older and before asking, I always try to see that big picture and it brings me to Jamie Collins linebacker for the Cleveland Browns. Unlike many of the super star

s in the NFL Jamie is not a “ me guy “ he doesn’t live a ( look at me ) kind of lifestyle or show off on social media like many others. With Jamie only playing a few games in 2016 then an injury in 2017 it’s easy to overlook how valuable he really is to the defense of this team. It takes seeing the big picture to truly understand how much improved the team is when he’s on the field. From the start of his football life Collins has played quarterback,receiver, even safety. Settling in at linebacker with the knowledge of multiple positions it’s helped him hone his craft. I also took the time to really listen to coach Williams talk about the intelligence that Collins has both

on and off the field when it comes to this game we all love. Leadership and knowledge of the game are the biggest keys to why Jamie Collins is so important to scheme coach Williams runs. If a flashy quarterback sack machine is what really makes a player stand out then it would be easy to miss the brilliance that he brings to the game. Collins is a tackle machine plain and simple. In just 6 games last year he was able to rack up 21 solo and 10 assisted. That was right on par with Von Miller. Coach Williams isn’t going to utilize him to get the quarterback, but instead with his amazing athletic abilities to be the stop gap close to the line of scrimmage. In only the second game of last year against the Ravens Collins had 7 solo tackles and 6 against the Vikings. These are solid up front teams and he was an all star. This will be the first year that Jamie Collins will be able to start the season comfortable with the play book and coaching staff 100% healthy with the Cleveland Browns. I know it’s easy to overlook how invaluable having Collins as the corner stone of the linebacking crew can be, but trust me in the very first game at First Energy Stadium

it will not take long to see if you watch closely at how quickly he can process the play before him. Football is will always be about winning now and building for the future. This is another key that Jamie Collins adds to the Browns roster. At the young age of 28 Jamie has 5 years in the league including post season games. The Browns drafted Genard Avery and from early reports he’s playing behind Collins. Who better to teach the rookie what it means to be a pro both on and off the field, than no other Jamie Collins. Along with his calm and completely professional off the field personality to his all business leadership, high motor tackle machine on the field Jamie gives the mentor-ship a young rookie needs in this game. Heart is a stat that can not be measured and if it could Jamie Collins would be off the chart. So yes I’m all in on the Jamie Collins and I look for him to have the biggest year yet in 2018

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