Giants VS Browns Preseason Defensive Roster with position group breakdown

Each number above the position group is the number of players retained on the 2017 roster.

Here are the key points I find with each group heading into the first match up this year. The first preseason game is a make or break for anyone not listed as a starter or drafted by this front office.

The Defensive line:

Brantley has had a very difficult training camp. I can see Dorsey looking to add another player soon at tackle if hes a go then he’ll have to set up.

This is a four way battle to the end for Orchard who was moved down the third sting and Nassib fighting off Thomas. With Thomas missing so much of camp he will need to shine.


They truly only have one spot open to make the final roster. Burgess worked hard all off season and it will be up to him to keep his spot. He has to play like this is his last chance. Watch Sheldon as he could make a push up the roster Thursday night.


This is make or break it time for TJ Carrie. He’ll have to show this coaching staff his contract worth as he’s slip down on the rotation over training camp. Ward, Gaines and Mitchell have all stood out that leaves just spots left and Dorsey drafted Thomas so he’ll get a little extra leeway over anyone else. Player to watch will be Denzal Rice he keeps improving.

Strong Safety:

It’s a battle for the starting spot with Peppers and Kindred. They have Peppers listed as the kick and punt returner again this year, that could help Kindred get more snaps.

Free Safety:

This is almost set in stone ( Randall and BBC ) it’s going to come down to that last safety spot. One player will get a chance but he’ll have to be versatile over the remaining guys. Watch to see if they rotate a player to both spots.

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