Giants VS Browns Preseason Offensive Roster with position group breakdown

Each number above the position group is the number of players retained on the 2017 roster.

Here are the key points I find with each group heading into the first match up this year. The first preseason game is a make or break for anyone not listed as a starter or drafted by this front office.

The Offensive Line:

Now that the battle for left tackle is over it’s all about who will make the team as a rotational player.

Shon Coleman already has two strikes against him and with the front office and coaching staff happy with Harrison this will be his last chance. Robinson will also need to preform well with a few young rookies trying to earn those last few spots, out of 9 only 2 remain to make the 53.

Running Backs: Vitale is having a great camp I can not foresee any reason he’ll not make the team. They only battle left is Dayes vs. Hilliard for that remaining spot.

Quarterback: This is Mayfield’s chance to make a statement that they should give him the opportunity to earn the starting job. As the number 1 pick he should be able to make quick work of the Giants second and third teams. If Stanton or Roback get a lot of playing time then I will start to have questions.

Wide Receiver:

Normally the Browns would keep 6 receivers on the 53 man. I’m not sure how the kick off rules will play into this year so that could change. 4 spots should be taken unless Corey Coleman has trouble. Ratley was drafted by Dorsey so we could only see one spot left. It’s not a given that Janis will be just handed the job as both Board and Scott have put in solid training camps working with Mayfield. They also have Berry who should be on the kick and punt return team but it hasn’t seemed to work out. Player to watch now is C.J. Board he has to be on the money.


I’m shocked to even be saying this but the Browns have a kicker battle at punter. Going into camp I was for sure Colquitt would hold on to his job with ease. Then I was able to watch Vogel punt in person and I’ll just say wow. The hang time is perfect and each punt had the distance. Dorsey is going to be able to trade one I’m sure of that.

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