Austin Corbett the 33rd pick most didn’t know about and without a position.

Every year a player is selected in the draft that fans know little about. Normally it will happen with the last few picks and most never make the team anyways so not much thought is put into it. This year however is a different story not only did the Browns pick such a player but they used the 33rd pick to select one not well know and without a needed position Austin Corbett. Corbett grew up in the semi small town of Sparks, Nevada and it wasn’t an easy life. But with the help of his hard working father, Corbett was taught early in life no matter how great the struggle the need to never quit, do what’s has to be done and you will succeed. After leaving his senior at Reed High School the lessons he had already be taught growing up was put to the test. Corbett was a walk-on offensive lineman to the University of Nevada nothing handed and everything earned. From being a little undersized to fighting back from his high school knee injury he would go on to be not only team captain but one of ten national semifinalists for the Burlsworth Trophy, it honors the most outstanding college football player who began his career as a walk-on. (Someone else on the Browns team is like that as well). While Corbett was under the radar for must fans this wasn’t the case for NFL teams. In all of my research to understand why John Dorsey would chose him so high in the draft, I found that teams like the Falcons, Cowboys and Vikings all had high ratings on him. With no chance he would make it out of the second round. Key in all of this was a friend I have close to the New York Giants and the information that was given.

( I’m pointing this part out to show how well tuned and hard working John Dorsey and his new front office of all stars really is ) With the Giants holding the 34th pick the plan was to draft Austin Corbett at that spot to keep the Dallas Cowboys from taking him at 50th. ( As you remember that’s the spot they chose Connor Williams guard Texas). The Browns front office played a masterful plan of keeping other teams from knowing that Corbett was they guy for them. While I often scream about never draft the BPA ( Best player Available ) with multiple other teams playing checkers John Dorsey was playing chess and won his prize early, this I understand. Right now Corbett doesn’t have a set spot on this team but the 6’4 306 pound lineman from the University of Nevada with all the upside in the world can be coached into playing any position on the offensive line he’s needed. Unsure of the pick before now I can see the brilliance in what was a masterful plan. I spoke to someone close to Austin Corbett and he’s 100% ready to take on any job for our team. With his hard working background to his unrelenting desire to be the best NFL played no matter what is asked. Its safe to say that the Browns may have another all pro in just a few years. One last note to offer, he’s also extremely intelligent as his next plan after football is to become a orthopedic surgeon. Watch out for number 63 hes coming to Cleveland to prove he’s worthy of being the next great lineman for the Browns and with a cast of all stars its going to be work I know he’s ready to take on. From center to left tackle or a back up guard this team is finally reaching the depth needed to compete all year under a grueling 16 week schedule.

For everyone that takes the time to read my post I want to say thank you it means a lot.

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